Yes we do. We can automate every aspect of your business in document management, BPO, communication and so much more. Schedule a discovery call HERE

BAA's are available on the Professional plan. Reach out to our team and we'll be happy to execute a BAA.

Yes we do. Set up a discovery call HERE
You can add up to 50 email addresses per account. Most competitors limit you to just 2-5.
You are at all times the owner of your fax number. Unlike other carriers we do not hold your number hostage. If at anytime you ever decide to move to another carrier you can port your number away without incurring any cost on our side.

As a cloud based application you are able to use any device. You can download our mobile PWA app thru all devices including iphone, tablets, Mac or any other device. 

Yes, there is. During free trial there are no commitments or cancellation fees. If you choose to continue after the free trial and then cancel before completing 12 months of service, a one-time $49 cancellation fee will apply.

This fee is assessed widely in the industry and is used to recover some or all of the certain costs that we incur, including government-imposted fees, such as the Federal Regulatory Fee, Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS), LNP and STI-GA, etc., including the costs associated with compliance with regulatory requirements, including bu tnot limited to accessibility, numbering, privacy, anti-fraud, caller ID authentication.

Telecommunication fees adhere to industry standards due to the sector's stringent regulations and associated costs. When you subscribe to services from cell phone carriers or traditional phone providers, it's generally accepted that there will be standard fees beyond the advertised monthly rate to guarantee consistent service. For instance, a cell phone plan might be $49.99 a month, but additional fees are typically added, reflecting the industry norm.

Each account has a compliance regulatory recover fee of $4.88 when paid monthly or $27.36 when paid annually.


  1. Compose a new email
  2. In the "To" field type in the recipient's 10 digit fax number including the 1 followed by @managefaxservice.com Example: 42156541544@managefaxservice.com
  3. What you type in the Subject line and the body of the email will be on the cover page
  4. Send the email 

You will receive a confirmation email and you can see all your inbound/outbound faxes in your online dashboard.

Yes. During sign up you can choose your local area code and you'll be provided with a list of available numbers. Local numbers are included in the plan for free. You can get a toll free number for only $1 more added per month to any of the plans.

Nope. Say goodbye to expensive phone lines. All you need is an internet access and you'll be able to send, receive and manage faxes by email and thru your online dashboard accessible anywhere in the world.

Our servers are located in Amsterdam.
No we do not.

Send and receive 500 pages per month for only $4.99 / month