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14 days free trial

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Free fax number

Get your own dedicated local number for free

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Our plans will save you money. Get 500 pages in/out for only $4.99/mo when paid annually

Instant activation

No waiting or delay. Start sending and receiving faxes instantly

HIPAA compliant

HIPAA compliant and 100% secure. Don’t get stuck with unsecured faxing.

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Port your number to us for free. We’ll do all the work and ensure a smooth transfer.

Send and receive 500 pages per month for only $4.99 / month


Simple, secure and always available


Unlimited users and emails


Auto archive


7 days a week live support


Custom cover page


Never a busy signal


Schedule a fax for later


Address book


Access anywhere in the world


Send and receive 500 pages per month for only $4.99 / month



FAQ question mark

Can I port my number from another vendor?

Yes and it’s free. There is no interruption and we can port almost any carrier.

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How many email addresses can I add to send/receive?

You can have an unlimited number of email addresses attached to your account.

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Can I get a toll free number

Yes you can. A toll free number costs $1 more per month. A local fax number is included for free.

FAQ question mark

Are there taxes or other fees?

There are no taxes but as is industry standard in the highly regulated telecommunication industry each account has a compliance regulatory recover fee of $2.88 when paid monthly or $27.36 when paid annually